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Tumeric....a magical spice!

Turmeric …

Mom was right to feed me milk with “haldi” or “turmeric” as it is known in the west. I can’t say that I ever liked the taste of milk and turmeric which was forced on me whenever I had a cold.  If cinnamon or honey had been added to the mixture it would have been much more palatable. As I am learning now turmeric has potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Turmeric and its main bioactive compound curcumin have been studied extensively for their ability to fight many diseases from arthritis to depression all of which are linked to chronic inflammation. Turmeric in its raw state is a yellow root that shaped like ginger root only smaller. The roots are dried and ground into a fine yellow powder whose stains are difficult to remove. The yellow powder has a distinct fragrance and taste and is much easier to swallow when incorporated into hot food.There are several ways that one can incorporate turmeric in one’s diet.

Mix a teaspoon of tumeric in a cup of hot milk with with cinnamon and/ or honey.

Add tumeric to your bean chilli while it is cooking. Tumeric can also be sprinkled onto your vegetables when you are sauteing them.

Should you want to research this further here is a link to an informative article on the benefits of turmeric  :

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